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LEAGUE 33 (L3x3) Street Football League

Investors-Owners Information


LEAGUE 33 (L3x3) is an innovative street football league designed to bring the

excitement and intensity of 3v3 football to urban areas around the world. The league

operates under a single-entity structure, ensuring financial stability, competitive balance,

and sustainable growth.

Business Structure

1. Single-Entity Structure:

LEAGUE 33 operates as a single-entity league, meaning the league owns

all teams. This approach helps to control costs and maintain competitive

balance across the league.

2. Investor-Operators:

Investor-operators buy into LEAGUE 33, obtaining the rights to operate

teams while adhering to league-wide policies and guidelines.

3. Revenue Sharing:

The league shares revenue generated from national sponsorships, media

rights, and a portion of match-day revenues among all teams. This model

supports the league’s financial health and ensures competitive parity.

Ownership Structure

1. Investor-Operators:

The investor-operators manage day-to-day operations, local marketing,

and community engagement for their respective teams.

2. Expansion Fees:

New teams can join LEAGUE 33 by paying an expansion fee, which

contributes to the league’s financial stability and strategic growth.

3. Board of Governors:

The Board of Governors, composed of representatives from each team’s

investor-operators, oversees major league decisions, including rule

changes, expansion, and financial matters.

4. League Headquarters:

The central office of LEAGUE 33 manages league operations, including

scheduling, marketing, media rights, and disciplinary actions. The league

commissioner leads the administration and strategic direction.

Key Aspects

1. Salary Cap and Player Recruitment:

A salary cap ensures financial parity among teams. The Designated Player

Rule allows teams to sign a limited number of star players whose salaries

exceed the cap.

2. Player Development and Local Talent:

Teams are encouraged to develop local talent through academies and

community programs. Homegrown players from these academies can be

signed directly to the senior team, fostering local talent.

3. Sponsorship and Media Rights:

The league secures national sponsorships and media rights deals, with

revenues shared among teams. Teams can also pursue local

sponsorships independently.

4. Competition Format:

The league is divided into conferences or divisions, featuring a regular

season followed by playoffs to determine the champion. Matches take

place in various urban locations, celebrating street football culture.

5. Community Engagement:

Teams engage with their communities through local tournaments, clinics,

and events, promoting the sport at the grassroots level.

6. Technology and Innovation:

LEAGUE 33 leverages technology for fan engagement, including live

streaming, interactive apps, and social media, attracting a younger, tech-

savvy audience.

Broadcasting and Media Partnerships

LEAGUE 33 has secured a broadcasting deal with beIN Sports USA to transmit

three events during 2024 and 2025. These events will be broadcast in 75

markets and reach over 200 million connected devices. This partnership

significantly enhances the league’s visibility and accessibility, bringing street

football to a global audience.

Current Teams and Ownership

LEAGUE 33 already has four teams formed, currently under the ownership of Lugo

Aguzzi Enterprises, Inc. The teams are:

1. PuraVees – Based in San Jose, Costa Rica

2. 3rd Railers – Based in New York City, NY, USA

3. City Lights – Based in Paris, France

4. Bridge Boys – Based in London, UK

5. Mia Sizzle – Based in Miami, Florida (USA)


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